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"Shalom" is the Hebrew word for peace. "Om" is the Sanskrit word that represents the sound of creation unfolding. "Omaha" is a city in the midst of the American heartland. "Aha" is the sound of discovery. Shalomaha a resource for people who wish to explore  their connection to the ongoing work of Creation, thier spirituality, and to discover the deep peace that comes from courageous exploration of what lies within our hearts and souls. Bringing together practices inspired by Jewish traditions, mindfulness, chanting and modern neuroscience, we come together to learn and explore so that we are more inspired and more engaged in repairing the world. 


Judaism offers thousands of years of tradition and practices that have spanned the globe. The stories and practices in the Hebrew Bible are the basis of much of Western culture and are surprisingly aligned with the Eastern traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism. Shalomaha uses Jewish traditions as a framework to deepen mindfulness in Omaha.

World Traditions

Many Paths, One Truth.  All spiritual traditions have beautiful practices and teachings that illuminate the mysteries of life. Living in at this time in human history, we have unparalleled access to all the wisdom available from across the globe. We gratefully accept the wisdom of all traditions that lead to living in love and cultivating spiritual growth in Omaha.



Discoveries in neuroscience help us understanding how our brains mediate our conscious experiences and how ecstatic and mystical experience enhance our lives. 

Body Based Practices

Our bodies connected to the precious gift of this moment. Cultivate the wisdom and awareness our senses make possible.

The Inner Conversation

Our inner world is richer and more varied than most people appreciate. Populated with all of our voices and roles, mediating the inner conversation provides clarity and direction. 

Offerings, Opportunities & Possibilities

Shalomaha Workshops

Workshops are gatherings dedicated to a single focus, usually a few hours in length, but sometimes shorter in duration held over several weeks.  Centered on readings, sacred or topical themes. Workshops are great introductions.

Shalomaha Retreats

1-3 day get-aways designed to go offline dive deep into a topic or theme. Mixed methods of Chant, Meditation, Guided Imagery, Art and/or Movement to create meaningful rituals that take us deep inside.

Enchanted Shabbat

An enchanted Shabbat is a simple service where the prayers are reduced to thier essence, so that we can focus on their intention. Using Chant to gather energy  we can move into deep prayer space outside of ordinary time.  

Renewed Mikvah Examples

Mayyim Hayyim, or Living Water, Mikvah in Boston offered one of the first examples of revitalizing the tradition of Mikvah for women of this century.

Hebrew Chant- Shefa Gold

Rabbi Shefa Gold has created and published a vast archive of Hebrew Chant  and make them freely available as a transformative practice.

Judaism Unbound

Podcast exploring the boundaries of Jewish life and culture in this transformative time. Produced by the foundation for a new Jewish Future

Upcoming Events

Enchanted Shabbat

Shabbat (Sabbath), taking leave a ordinary time, is the jewel of Judaism. In our noisy and chaotic world we can lose track of what is important and lose the joy in life as we get lost in the buzz.  Shabbat is the remedy. If we take a break from our cell phones and deadlines, we can reconnect with what makes our lives meaningful. Find enchantment when we create sacred space by sharing simple chants that deepen our awareness and allow us to escape the ordinary world. Celebrating Shabbat is your opportunity to cultivate mindfulness in Omaha.  No experience necessary. (Monthly, locations vary, use contact form to get details.)

"Escape your personal Egypt" A Passover Preparation Retreat

In this one-day retreat we will explore our personal Mitzrayim, the narrow places in our lives that keep us stuck in old patterns or keep us from experiencing the boundlessness of our possibilities. We will use chant, gentle movement, guided meditation, journaling and group dialog to get familiar with "personal Egypt" and to let go of that which does not serve us anymore. Take a break for yourself as we enter this holiday season and emerge unburdened. Registration begins January 15th, 2018. Space limited to 20 participants.  

Enchanted Circle Basics- February 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th, 2018

Four-week workshop to learn the basics of an Enchanted Circle. Explore forming a sacred experience using simple chant, cultivating mindfulness through inner dialog to heighten spiritual awareness. These tools can be used at any time to regain peace, and can be used to create sacred community space. No "singing" required.  

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