Enchanted Circles

Reclaim Peace

It is easy to get lost in the noise of modern life. You can reclaim what's important to you: clarity, confidence, courage, calm. Find your Self amid the noise and haste.

"The Basics" Workshop

In four weekly meetings we will explore the tools that create states of mindfulness, connection and deep inner peace. These can be used at any time to return to a state of peace and are especially helpful to create sacred space when we gather in groups. No experience needed.

The Tools

Circle Practice: Joining with others to create a supportive, trusting environment.

Chant: Sacred text, melody and breath that aligns heart and mind. This session we will work with "Elohai neshama, shenatata bi, tehora hee

Mindfulness: Understanding that we are more than our thoughts creates inner spaciousness.

Inner Dialog: Discovering and respecting our "internal family," all the roles and voices that comprise our personality and ability to relate to the outside world.